One Tip for Geo-localizing SEO for Insurance Marketing

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While some of the major marketing strategies like television and print still remain viable to this day, they have lost a lot of ground to some of the newer web-based strategies that have arisen in the wake of the dot com boom a couple decades ago. One of the top strategies now is web-based marketing that targets probable search keys on well known search platforms like Google. The idea is to think like a person who is looking up a key service, insurance for instance, and then come up with a likely keyword that will trigger hits on a search engine. This works for a lot of industries, but insurance is particularly tricky because there’s a number of pitfalls, the biggest one being market saturation. Not only are there a lot of insurance companies nowadays, but insurance is a highly competitive industry. On top of that, Pay Per Click (PPC) is not a cost effective option for the vast majority of insurance firms, and this is because the cost per click is likely to be much higher than other niche industries. To top it off, insurance is such a competitive industry that most of the major companies buy up the majority of links in order to drive up the price even further and squeeze smaller companies out of the game. One way they can compete is by targeting their insurance niche locally.

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Geo-Localization: What it is and How it Works

With most of the major companies already eating up the most likely search keys, the idea is to target search keys that have geographically specific keywords in them. So instead of marketing your insurance to broader categories and keywords like ‘car insurance’, the idea then becomes to market your brand using place specific search keys like ‘denver car insurance’ or ‘colorado car insurance’. If you’re based in a suburb, that’s even better because you can target searches that are geo-localized to a smaller area. Since most of the online real estate has been gobbled up by major insurance companies, the idea is to think about your customer’s needs and consider the issue from their angle. Customers have questions. Is renter’s insurance worth the money? How much should I be paying for homeowner’s insurance? What are the advantages of different kinds of coverage on cars? Is theft insurance necessary in an age of GPS? All of these a valid questions that will help you identify your customer base and identify with your customer base.

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