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What are Ice Dams?  Ice Dams are an ice formation that grows on the roof of your home.  They start off by a warm spot on your roof melting some snow.  Once the water reaches the gutter or the edge of your roof, it has the chance to freeze again.  As the water turns to ice, it expands, creating a dam and making small cracks in your roof larger.  These larger cracks allow snow melt to sink into the interior of your home, causing serious damage.

What are the perfect conditions for Ice Dam formation?

  • Snow on the roof
  • Snow melt
  • Refreezing

Preventative Steps

  1. Remove the snow from the edges of your roof
  2. Seal warm air leaks to the attic (these warm spot cause the melting)
  3. Adequate insulation in the attic
  4. Clean your gutters in the fall (so next year…)

If you see any Ice Dams on your roof, remove them by hitting them with a rake or shovel.  Be careful when you do this because there will be falling ice.  Don’t let it hit you.

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