Are You Overlooking Obvious New Clients?

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Finding new clients is the bane of every independent agent’s existence. Without clients, you won’t have a business. We are always on the lookout for new business, finding innovative ways to reach out to our target audience. We’ve opened our minds to out-of-the-box and guerrilla marketing tactics. But, while we’re busy thinking outside the box, new clients could be inside the box, so to speak. New clients could be right in front of you, and you don’t even see them.

Find new clients through existing clients

Have you ever run around the house looking for your glasses, only to find they were perched on top of your head. Or, turned your home upside down looking for your phone that’s been in your pocket the whole time. If you represent small businesses in Colorado, then you may be passing up a golden opportunity for new clients: the employees! Employees have houses, cars, kids, families, and dreams that need to be protected just like everyone else. Why stop at representing the business, when you could also be representing every person who works within that business?

Finding new clients for your insurance agency

Use your network of existing small business clients to see if you can extend your services to their employees.

Use your network of existing clients

Word of mouth is your greatest friend when building on your client base. And, just like your network of other insurance agents, you also have a network of small businesses. You are a small business, you represent other small businesses, and small businesses want to help other small businesses. If you feel that your relationship is strong enough, there’s no reason that you can’t talk to your contact person, or the owner about allowing you to extend your services, or your expertise on insurance, to the rest of the employees. A true test of a loyal customer has always been whether they would refer your services to their friends, or in this case, their employees. So, put them – and your reputation – to the test.

Building a client base for independent insurance agency in Colorado

While you’re looking outside the box to find new clients, there could be a big untapped market right under your nose.

Make yourself available to answer insurance questions

Talk to the business owners that you represent about spending a few hours in one of their conference rooms, and allow anyone who works at the office to come and discuss their insurance needs. If you are there with the intention of helping, answering questions about their existing coverage, advice on additional coverage, etc. then it will seem less intrusive and people are more likely to stop by and ask questions, rather than stop by specifically to buy insurance.

Test your sales skills

This is your chance to build trust and prove your worth and your experience. This is your chance to sell yourself as an agent, as a leader in the insurance industry. The sales will follow. Sugary snacks and home baked goods never hurt, either. Someone may stop by simply because they want a cookie, but they’ll stay because you actually have information that is relevant and you may just end up with a new client.

How to sell yourself and get new clients

Someone may walk in wanting a cupcake, and walk out with an appointment to talk further about their personal insurance needs. Put your sales skills to the test.

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