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Our Beginnings

In 2004, Affordable American started out as a smaller business with a simple vision in mind. We were sick of the way the insurance industry was run at the time. Everyone was focusing more on the profits they were making than the people they were working for. With drivers legally compelled to have coverage like auto insurance, the insurance companies had no reason to really worry about their customers. Customers would come to them and they could charge whatever they wanted.

Our Model Works

Affordable American was created to change that stereotype. With a renewed focus on making the right insurance coverage for their customers’ needs—and not on the needs of the wallet, Affordable American hit the ground running. What do you know? Our focus worked and our clients are happier than ever. Our success drove us to expand into 30 locations across Colorado over the next 9 years.

Expanding Service: Our Model to Work in Utah

We’ve helped so many families in Colorado that we’ve decided that it’s time to expand our services west. A few of us are hitting the road and heading to a new home in Utah. We have set up an office and taken care of all the legalities, and trained our employees to work in the state of Utah. Now we’re just finishing up the final preparations for an April 11th launch. Our services can be found at our new website Check it out to see how we can best help you as we grow.

Things We’re Excited For in Utah

The Greatest Snow on Earth. Home to the 2002 Winter Games, Utah offers some of the greatest snow on earth for all of your winter sports.

The great community. Home to some of the most honest, and hardworking people in the west, the people of Utah offer a great community to become immersed in.

The continuing tradition. Last, but certainly not least, we cannot wait to continue the tradition of caring for the customer before our wallets there. We begin protecting the people of Utah on April 11th.

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