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Progressive’s Snapshot can already save you up to 30% on your auto insurance. It is a little more than the 15%. How does the snapshot work? The small device is inserted into your car and measures: how you’re driving (fast acceleration or a quick stop), when you are driving, and how much you are driving.

Good for Teens

This is a great addition for any teen driver.  It forces them to think about the times they are going out and how they are driving.  Any driver can access their driving data online.  This gives an excellent opportunity for any parents to see how their teens are driving.


You might not get the whole 30% discount but the amount you will save at the pump will be significant.  How might you do this? Just think that you have a full cup of coffee with no lid on it and it is really hot.  If any of the coffee spills it means that you were either accelerating too quickly or taking a turn to fast.  This will cause gas consumption to be higher and will cost you more.  If you take turns slower and have reasonable acceleration not only will you save on gasoline but you may save money on insurance too.

The Progressive Snapshot is paving the way for pay as you go insurance.  If you have any questions contact your local Utah independent Affordable American Insurance agents today to see if you can unlock these savings.

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