No Cell Phones Allowed!

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Today’s entrepreneurs live with mobile phones stuck to their hands. It would seem like you need to surgically remove it. Hints and requests to put it away and stay present in a meeting are met with desperate cries and pleas only associated with addicts. And, you’re not far off. Most of us have become so addicted to our phones, tablets, and laptops that it has become impossible for us to give our full concentration to one task. Like a daily employee status meeting.

Tips for Colorado entrepreneurs by AAI

If you can get your team to put away their phones for 20 minutes while you all get on the same page, you won’t waste time having to repeat yourself later.

The most important things you have to do to be a successful entrepreneur are to focus on the overview of your progress and prioritize so you can delegate tasks to your team. You cannot do this if you have one-half of your brain flipping through today’s headlines, or checking email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram accounts. Multitasking is important, but it is just as important to be able to give 100% of your attention to a meeting.

Gadgets disrupt meetings and thwart productivity

When you gather your team to assign new tasks, give a progress report, or to get everyone on the same page, it is important for everyone to pay attention. Disruption is caused on the flow of the meeting when people check out because of calls, texts or notifications. It also means that most of the information given isn’t retained because your team is thinking about five other things at the same time.

You’ll most likely have to repeat yourself a few times for the information to sink in. Wasted time is wasted money, and you can’t afford to throw away time or money when you are starting a business.

Time management is critical to the success of a startup

When you have called a meeting, make it a “technology free meeting.” It’s the easiest way to ensure that everyone is paying attention, retaining all information. The meeting will be shorter and more efficient, leaving you and your team more time to go and complete tasks, solve problems, improve service, or acquire more capital and new clients.

Get on the fast track to success; take control of your time, get rid of distractions when you have a team, a client, or an investor meeting.

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