5 New Years Resolutions for Business Owners

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New Years Resolutions That Can Impact Your Success

As the New Year approaches, everyone starts thinking of how to make the coming year better than this year. Resolutions and goals begin to develop in people’s minds to kick off the year in the right direction.

As a business owner, you must start working on some strategies that can help keep you on the path to success over the coming year. If you haven’t already given this thought, we’re offering a few ideas that can significantly impact your success in 2020.

Improve the Quality of Your Communication

Communicating efficiently and communicating a lot is not the same. There are ways you can connect with your clients that are more substantial than others. For example, instead of exchanging ten emails to discuss a specific matter with a client, schedule a call with them so you can come to a conclusion sooner, and then provide a summary over email. For social media, interacting more with your audience by replying to their comments will likely have a stronger impact than posting a lot of content.

man walking into the cityEmbrace Delegation

If you ever feel, because you’re the owner of your independent insurance agency, like you need to be on top of everything, you’re not alone. Many business owners experience this; however, it is not valid, and it is also not an efficient way to manage your business. If your day gets taken over by all the little time-consuming things you need to care for, consider delegating those responsibilities to people on your staff. That can help you open up your calendar so you can focus on the things you’re passionate about and the ones that matter the most for your business. Doing this will also empower your employees, as they will feel like you trust them.

Make Balance a Priority

There is no denying that being a business owner can sometimes mean you don’t have a set work schedule. However, being overworked can lead to burnout, which will affect your motivation and productivity. This next year, start thinking of balance as a priority in your life. Make time for yourself, spend time with your loved ones, add a little workout to your routine, and get enough sleep every night. You will find you become more productive and more creative, which will work in favor of your business goals.


Planning can help you make 2020 an unforgettable year for you and your business.


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