Networking Tips for Independent Insurance Agents

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5 Networking Tips to Thrive as an Insurance Agent

Although internet marketing is essential these days, networking —which is sometimes considered old-fashioned— is also an important way to market your business. As an independent insurance agent, the more people you know, the more opportunities you’ll have to sell insurance. The trick about networking is that it requires time, but by putting certain things into practice, you can make sure that the time you spend is well worth it. We’re offering 5 tips to help you make the best out of your networking experiences:

Connect People

This might sound redundant. After all, creating connections is the purpose of networking but there’s something special about helping others connect, as it puts you at the top of the “power pyramid” in your community.

Get There Early

Early bird gets the worm. We’ve all heard that before and it is true. Plan to show up at events early, rather than fashionably late, so you have time to talk to others and generate connection opportunities.

5 Networking Tips to Thrive as an Insurance AgentMove Away from Insurance as a Conversation Topic

Don’t be the person everyone runs away from at social events because all they can talk about is insurance. Try to generate conversation without insurance being at the center of it. It will make you more relatable and easier to talk to.

Get Your Staff Involved

Who said it has to be you who shows up at every single event? We understand networking can be time-consuming. Sending your staff to some of the events is not only a great way to motivate your employees, it helps promote a networking culture and allows everyone to participate in one of the most important elements to your agency’s success.

Never Forget the Follow Up

Networking doesn’t stop once you’ve met some people. To make the best out of the time you spend networking, make sure you follow up on the connections you make after every event. You can follow up via social media, email, phone call, whatever you consider is the best way to contact each individual. It could vary from person to person.

Embracing challenges is one of the things that identifies successful people. Are you ready for a change and become a business owner? Embrace change and join AAI today.

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