Negotiating Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

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Negotiating Tips Every Woman Should Know

Women are naturally gifted with many qualities that make them great negotiators. However, even if it can come effortlessly to some, for others, it might take a little more work. Negotiation skills are built the same way as any other skill, through practice. Here are some tips to help you break through the next time you’re on negotiating grounds.

Find Out Who You’re Doing Business With

Negotiating is not a one-size-fits-all type of thing. You can have specific guidelines to follow, but you can’t use the very same approach on everyone. The first thing you should do to get a step closer to negotiation success is to know who you’re dealing with. It is essential that you understand their background and their interests. Doing your homework can make a difference.

Never Be Afraid to Speak Up

Subtlety and softness are often associated with being feminine. Never allow that to make you feel obliged to remain in the background. As a woman, you are strong, and femininity shouldn’t keep you from being firm and showing strength in negotiations.

Don’t Allow Emotions to Take Over

There is a place, and time to wear your emotions on your sleeve, and it is certainly not during a negotiation. Showing you are angry, annoyed, or even super excited could work against you in that scenario. Instead, remain calm and collected. It will help you look more professional and could help you win that negotiation.

Back Things Up in Writing

Sadly, sometimes someone’s word is not enough. If you agree with someone,  push to get everything in writing, to ensure you’re in the clear.

Businesswoman and businessman shaking handsLeverage the Power of Silence

Excessive talking doesn’t mean you’re in control. Sometimes silence is more than enough. In fact, after putting your offer on the table, using silence as a negotiation tool can be hugely beneficial.

Allow Yourself to Walk Away

You don’t always have to leave the table with your hands full. You might come across situations where it is just best to walk away, and that’s fine. There will always be more opportunities, but who knows? Walking away might end up making the other party realize how much they actually, want you.


Whether you’re a part of the independent insurance industry or any other, negotiating skills are always valuable but even more so if you run your own business.

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