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When you are your own boss, you need to be able to motivate and inspire your team. Often when first-time entrepreneurs start out on their own, they soon begin to realize how difficult it is to be the person that everyone looks towards to set goals, and make sure that deadlines are being met promptly. Being the boss is often a lesson in self-motivation, because if you can’t motivate yourself, how are you going to motivate others?

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Keeping yourself and your team motivated requires you to stay focused on the big picture.

How to motivate your team

Your business idea may be inspiring, but the daily grind requires you to be able to stay positive, inspirational, and motivational so that you don’t lose steam and fall behind. As the leader of your business, you need always to be looking ahead to where you want your business to go, keeping your eye on the broader goals, the purpose of your business. It is important that you, the boss, the leader, don’t get weighed down with working IN your business, rather than leading your team and working ON your business.

Your team should be working on the day to day, executing tasks and deadlines. You should be focused on the purpose for the company to make sure you are always working in the right direction. Your purpose for the company should be your mantra in the day to day, and by reminding yourself, you will remind your employees why they wanted to work for you and your company in the first place. The purpose of why you are doing what you are doing should inspire your team to complete each daily to do list.

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Daily strategy meetings will help you prioritize and make important deadlines.

Get into the habit of making a plan for the day

Of course, you can’t just walk about the office reciting your goals for the future, you also need to take the time to make a daily plan for how you intend to meet and execute each daily task. Without a plan of action, your team won’t know what to do. “Go, team, go” will only be effective if your team knows where they are going and how you plan to get there.

Get into the habit of having daily assessment meetings with your team. This will help you outline and prioritize daily tasks, as well as keeping your eye on the overall goals of your company. Having a daily routine is the best way for you to stay on task and track.

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Taking a few minutes to yourself away from the office to clear your head will prevent you from getting overwhelmed and falling behind.

Take regular time for yourself away from work

A daily routine shouldn’t be all work and no play. What’s the fun of being the boss if you can’t schedule a little time to take care of yourself? Even just a 15-minute social media break, going to the gym, or taking the time to cook a healthy meal will go a long way to keeping your brain active and focused on the big picture.

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