Mobile Marketing: Why Every Business Needs It

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Mobile marketing is a buzz word that has been brought up a lot when discussing search engine optimization, website design, and lead generation. It’s no secret that smartphones are everywhere. As business owners, we need to cater to smartphone users and take advantage of these new resources. Use this brief guide to learn more about mobile marketing and what you need to do to start getting more high-quality leads.

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What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a unique form of advertising that focuses specifically on smartphone users. It is a broad term that can incorporate several different lead capture and follow up methods.

Mobile Use Affects Website Design

Before you start developing an elaborate new marketing campaign, make sure your website uses a responsive design. The responsive design allows those who are using a smartphone to see everything on your page without making adjustments to their phone settings. Google also tends to rank responsive websites higher than those who don’t implement this feature, so making the switch can help you in many different ways. For a basic website or WordPress site, developing a responsive website could take just a few minutes.

Get on Google Maps

Another small adjustment to make before developing an elaborate campaign: making sure you are on Google. Your website should have a listing in the standard search results, but you are going to want to ensure your actual address shows up. This can help you rope in more walk-in traffic.

Capture Phone Numbers

While most people only capture emails in the lead generation process, it doesn’t take that much more effort to get a phone number. This number can be incredibly valuable, allowing you to make a direct connection with your client and follow up with any questions they may have. Implementing a text message program to remind them of promotions or events can also be an excellent way to keep your business on top of everyone’s mind.

Get Started with Mobile Marketing

At Affordable American Insurance, we want every independent agent to know the latest marketing techniques. Contact us today to learn more about how mobile marketing can help your business.

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