Making It Easy to Become an Independent Agent

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Affordable American Insurance (AAI) makes it more manageble to transition from captive agent to independent. When you’ve exhausted your potential as a captive agent and you long for something more, the next logical step is to break free and become an independent agent. However, making the transition on your own is easier said than done. By joining our growing network of independent agents in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah, you will get a turnkey business model to make your transition smooth and successful.

Join a network of independent agents

We give you the tools to start and grow your own independent agency in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah.

We give you the tools to run a business

Our members get access to ongoing seminars and courses in business management and development. Starting an independent agency means you need to learn how to run a business and be the boss. You’ll need to hire a team, organize your finances, market your agency, find new clients, and most importantly get appointed with A-Rated carriers to be able to serve each new client. AAI is behind you every step of the way, offering support and guidance to help you succeed.

Get immediate A-Rated carrier representation

You can’t serve your clients without carrier representation. When you are new, each carrier will have production requirements, if they’ll even work with you. Without a proven track record, it can be hard to get your foot in the door and get a direct appointment with carriers. Joining AAI eliminates the carrier production requirements and allows you to start selling insurance from multiple A-Rated carriers, offering your clients a choice. A choice of options is what was missing from your captive position, so the more choice you can give your clients, the better it is for everyone.

Starting an independent insurance agency

We guide and support all of our members to help them maximize their potential as independent insurance agents.

Be a part of a network and shape the future of insurance

Being able to serve each client – protecting their dreams, homes, cars, families, etc. with their best interest in mind – is why many captive agents leave their jobs to start their own agency. Independent agents are working for the clients, not the insurance company, and this type of customer service and personal attention is what sets us apart from other agents. At AAI, we are independent agents from Colorado, Arizona, and Utah who all work together to share best practices, as well as look to the future to always keep our industry competitive and cutting edge.

Independent agents working together in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah

Don’t squander your abilities as a captive agent. Unleash your potential as an independent agent with Affordable American Insurance.

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