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Picking Your Team

The first thing that anyone must do is pick the people that they want on their team.  Your team will either make or break you as an athlete, musician, or business.  You shouldn’t bring on new people for the sake of having your best friend on the team unless they are good and will compliment your abilities.  If your dream is to have a successful insurance agency or band, be careful who you bring on.  You want the best people that you can afford and if they don’t work out find someone else.


Knowing when to lead is huge.  If you are normally the leader that is great but it is more important to know when to step back.  In a music group, your best musician may not be the best at promoting or selling tickets but he makes your shows better.  Recognize each member’s skills and abilities and delegate the tasks to the person will do the best job.   Always have an open ear to your fellow coworkers and teammates, try to help them out whenever you can.  Create a business or team that works better together than apart.  If you have this type of group, hold on to it.

Marketing Your Group

Marketing your business or team is huge and always a challenge no matter what industry you might be a part of.   Marketing is really just reaching your audience with your message.  For Affordable American Insurance our message is to provide high quality insurance products for every stage of one’s life.  For a sport team it could be to provide an experience that people will want to come back time and time again even if you lose.  Getting the loyal following is tough and one of the hardest things to do as a music group.

Fan Interaction

Interacting with your fans is critical in creating an experience that one will want to come back to.   Be nice and try not to have a huge ego.  Just remember you are a person whether you are the CEO of an entire company, Peyton Manning,  a rockstar, or a classical composure.  Everyone is important and they have something to bring to the table.  If a fan wants to talk with you give them some time, you will probably make there day, week, or month depending on how much they like you.


In business, music, or sports it is all about networking.   Talk with people in your field or even random people on the bus; you never know who you will meet.  They may be able to help you get to where you want to go.  In the end, it is not how good or how talented you are it is about how you can relate to people.  If you can make people happy, make them laugh you will go far.

In the end, try to make people leave happier than when they first walked in to your business, concert, or stadium.

At Affordable American Insurance we may not make you laugh or even happy when you first walk in the door but when a tree falls on your house and we will be there to help.  We can take some of the stress out of your life.

Affordable American Insurance

Affordable American Insurance is an insurance broker meaning we represent multiple insurance companies so we can write a policy that will work for you.  We have offices all across Colorado so find an office is as simple as clicking this link: https://affordableamericaninsurance.com/find-an-agent/.

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