Leader Habits That Can Turn Employees Away

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Harmful Habits That Can Increase Your Employee Turnover Rate

There are many reasons why someone would decide to quit their job. However, many times, it is due to things that happen in the workplace that make them choose to walk away. 

Business owners don’t make decisions thinking that they could harm their business. But sometimes, it can be hard to recognize that there may be certain things that can lead you —and your team— in the wrong direction.

Losing an employee is expensive, affects overall team productivity, and can even impact team morale. Here are some reasons why it is crucial to make sure your decisions, as leader of your independent insurance agency, are not driving your employees away.

Leading Without Fairness

Employees easily trust leaders who are fair. Trust is essential in your relationship with your employees, and it should go both ways. If employees feel like they cannot trust you and the decisions you make, you are likely to see a decline in their performance. This can affect your revenue. Check on yourself and make sure you are making decisions based on evidence, considering other’s perspectives, and asking for feedback to avoid being a biased leader.

Businessman holding a lightbulbDefining Inconsistent or Contradicting Expectations

Setting priorities and expectations is an integral part of your relationship with your employees. Not only will this ensure things turn out as expected, but it will also alleviate stress and make your employees feel empowered. When the opposite happens, your employees are likely to be confused and frustrated.

Hiring People for the Wrong Roles

Positioning overqualified or underqualified people in roles that require a specific skill set can be a dangerous move. Those who are overqualified can feel like they are wasting their skills and knowledge. While those who are underqualified can quickly feel overwhelmed. In both cases, stress will undoubtedly manifest and affect their productivity, performance, morale, and more.

Fostering a Hostile Work Environment

No one wants to work in an environment where they are ignored —where their ideas don’t count or are received with a bad attitude. If your employees don’t feel safe, they will not take risks, or develop creative thinking, or feel like they belong there.

Inappropriately Using Your Resources

The resource most commonly wasted is time. Meeting deadlines can be hard when you’re stuck taking care of other less-priority but more time-consuming tasks. Employees who face this conflict often —debating between tasks and being crunched for time— can burn out very quickly. When assigning an employee with an important task that has a deadline, try to clear out their schedule from other jobs that won’t contribute to meeting their goals on time.


Evaluating yourself as a leader will help you be better. After all, when you decide to start your own agency, everything you do should be about doing what’s best for your business.

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