Insuring Harry Potter against the Deathly Hallows

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The Harry Potter saga starts off with Harry, an orphan boy discovering that he has wizard abilities.  He eventually gets invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by the school master Dumbledore.  He frequently has flashbacks about his parents being brutally murdered in front of his eyes by the evil Lord Voldemort when he was just a baby. The Lord Voldemort tried to kill Harry as well but death spell that Lord Voldemort used back fired “killing” the evil Voldemort.  This attack makes Harry famous in the wizarding world and reminisces of the attack left a lightning bolt scar on his forehead. When Hogwarts is not in session Harry lives with his aunt and uncle Vernon and Petunia who know about Harry’s magical powers but try and hide that fact from him.

Lord Voldemort is obsessed with Immortality.  I guess achieving this means he would never need life insurance?  Lord Voldemort is in the business of taking over the world.  As part of this plan, killing people is an occupational hazard.  I can’t imagine what his liability premiums are?  Come to think of it I probably wouldn’t sell insurance to him because he is evil.

The first three movies contain a lot of background to the story where Harry’s biggest problems are similar to those of most pre-teens; aside from the whole being famous and having a figment of Voldemort’s soul that lives off of other people trying to kill him.  In the fourth movie “The Goblet of Fire,” Harry becomes the champion of a major competition and Lord Voldemort is resurrected from the grave.  I wonder if his family would have to pay back the proceeds of his life insurance policy.  Or could that be considered fraud? …as if we needed another reason to prove that Voldemort is evil.

The fifth movie is when the Lord Voldemort reveals himself to everyone.  Harry learns that Voldemort and he have a strange connection; a connection beyond the comprehension of most witches and wizards.  There is a huge fight scene with all the bad guys and Harry’s godfather, Sirius, dies.  I haven’t read any policy exclusions for death by magic spell.  Maybe Harry should check with his agent to see if there was an old life insurance policy.

The sixth and last book before this movie is about the ongoing war against Voldemort.  They should be very cautious here as most policies do contain an exclusion for “acts of war.”  Harry finds a book of short cuts that help him become a better wizard but learns to distrust them.  He enrolls in private tutoring by Dumbledore and learns that Voldemort has splintered his soul in many pieces called horcruxes.

Okay, now that we’re all caught up on the Harry Potter Saga, we can go back to waiting in line.  I will let you know all about my adventures ‘in the line’ in our next segment.

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