Knowing where Your Community Shelter is

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Community shelters play a big part when it comes to getting through possible disasters. These buildings act as common areas for the local population to go if they cannot stay in their homes.

No matter where you are located, there is the potential for a disaster or emergency to happen. As such, it is very important to be prepared for such situations, as well as knowing how you will respond to them.

Sometimes emergency situations allow us to ride it out in our homes, and sometimes we are forced to leave them due to warnings of severity. Should we not be able to remain in our homes or we feel that remaining in them would be unwise, then community shelters play an important role in our safety.

Where can I find a Community Shelter?

Community shelters are usually buildings that have been designated for such a purpose. These


buildings are usually found in community shelters, which people are going to be familiar with. Therefore, churches and schools and rec centers all have
Such buildings are going to be larger and more durable than homes will be, and give people a place to go and gather and receive instruction. Therefore, it is very important to teach your family about these shelters, and where to find the ones closest to your location. the potential to be emergency shelters for your community.

Make a Plan

Sit down with your family and plan things out with them when you are coming up with a response plan of any kind. Along with showing everyone the physical locations they need to go, come up with exact routes to take. It may be helpful to get everyone in the car and drive the routes a couple of times so that it sinks in better.

Doing so will serve to make your family safer and give you greater peace of mind as you go about your days. As such, it is well worth doing.

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