Keep Your Distance from the “Rocket’s Red Glare” this 4th of July – Holiday Safety Tips

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Most things that thrill people are actually kind of dangerous: skydiving, rock climbing, white river rafting, and of course, fireworks!  As the Fourth of July quickly approaches, it’s important to remember that as awesome as our fireworks are, they can be very dangerous if improperly handled.

So, follow these simple tips and enjoy the “rocket’s red glare” without the destruction those exploding lights can cause!

Where you should light up your fireworks

Fourth of July fireworksFireworks can catch things on fire.  Duh.  So don’t ignite them in potentially hazardous areas.  Never use fireworks near:

  • Dry grass, twigs, trees, etc.
  • Decorations
  • People
  • Clothing
  • Animals
  • Buildings

Who should handle fireworks

We know how much kids want to be the ones to light up fireworks.  We’ve all been there.  But fireworks are simply too dangerous to entrust with kids.  Kids have been known to burn themselves while trying to light fireworks, not get away from the ignited firework in time, knock over the firework as they quickly back away, or even light and hold onto fireworks they find lying around.

Moral of the story: as smart as you think your kids are, don’t let them be in charge of fireworks.  Closely supervised sparklers and pop pop/snap fireworks are the only kind you should let your kids get their hands on.

What to have on hand

Regardless of how careful you are in handling your fireworks, accidents can still happen.  So, make sure you have a hose, a bucket of water, or a fire extinguisher on hand just in case.  Burn cream and a first aid kit are also good to keep close while enjoying your fireworks.

Enjoy your Legal Explosives!

Now that you know how to be safe, enjoy lighting up the sky with your legal fireworks.  And don’t get into illegal fireworks.  Just don’t.  Happy Fourth of July!

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