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3 Ways in Which AAI Supports Its Members

Starting a business is hard. There are so many things involved in the process of success. Transitioning from the captive world into the independent world may be a little scary at first, but soon you will find that decision comes with many benefits.

If you decide to start an independent insurance agency from scratch, you will likely have access to very few carriers until you prove yourself, which means you would be working as a captive agent without the benefits of working for a specific insurance company. The independent insurance world can be the career move you’ve been expecting.

Here are some ways Affordable American Insurance supports all members:

Considerable Variety of Insurance Products

By becoming part of a Business Development Focused Member Association like AAI, you will enjoy all the benefits of being independent, and this choice will also be of value to your clients. Joining the independent insurance market and becoming an agency owner, you will have access to different products and options to offer clients. That makes it much easier to find products that truly suit your clients’ needs rather than trying to tailor their needs to match the available product offerings.

AAI provides a real opportunity to build a successful business while you serve clients and meet their insurance needs.
Managing your time

Better Growth Opportunities

As an independent insurance agency owner, your commissions are likely to be better, and you will be able to grow quicker and make more money.  Closing sales is much easier when you have a wide variety of viable insurance options you can offer your clients.

Everything You Need to Get Your Business Going

Having the right support is crucial when you’re starting a new business. At Affordable American Insurance, we provide our members with much more than most might think is needed to run their agency successfully. We have a great team at your service; we provide you with the technology, carrier relationships, and the training you need to make it. You’ll never feel alone because you’re not. We’re right there with you.

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