You Stole My Treasure (Jewelry Insurance)

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You may think that there are not many pirates out there in a land locked state but there are the rogue cowboy bank robbers that would do anything to get your lovely jewels.

Don’t worry, I have a perfect solution.  We can mount an anti cowboy bank robbing cannon on top of your house.  It is almost guaranteed to scare off anyone coming to your home, even your friends.  It may also be against your home owners association so it may not be a feasible option for most people.  Now if you have a problem with pirates than the upgrade moat like swimming pool with a draw bridge is definitely worth it. Think of all the cool parties you could host at your home; any building that has a moat-like swimming pool is super cool.

Option three is probably the best;   your treasure trove can be insured by any one of our independent Affordable American agents.  Your Jewelry is not always covered under your home owner’s policy and if anything were to happen you would need to pay the deductible.  Usually, the limit for jewelry on your home owner’s policy is minimal.  If some rogue cowboy, pirate, or thief steals your jewelry and there is a piece that is worth more than the coverage then you may not be properly covered.

Jewelry Insurance in most cases is an endorsement on your home owner’s policy.  Your insurance company is giving you a little peace of mind so you can go out and wear your jewelry knowing that if anything happens your insurance company has your back.  Your insurance company acts like the moat fortress and anti cowboy bank robbing cannon.  Check your policy or call your local Affordable American independent agent for more clarification.

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Affordable American Insurance is a local Colorado independent insurance agency.  We sell insurance from multiple companies some of which include: Travelers, Safeco, Progressive, The Hartford, and many more.  If you are looking for jewelry, auto, home, life, health, business insurance, call one of our local agents.  Find one here.

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