Is Your Website Prepared for Voice Searches?

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Did you know that voice command is already affecting one in five searches? As the number of mobile users rises, the amount of people using voice commands to access information quickly also increases. This means that independent insurance agents may need to make a few adjustments to the SEO if they want to stay competitive. Here is what you need to know in a nutshell.

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What is a Voice Search?

A voice search is when a mobile user speaks to their device, rather than typing the query in. The device then repeats the top results. The user doesn’t typically look at the written responses pulled up on the screen or conduct additional research.

Natural Language

Because people are speaking, there will be a much larger emphasis on natural phrasing in SEO. For example, people don’t typically say “insurance United States” they say “insurance in the United States.” This makes a huge difference when it comes to relevancy.

Why is Voice Search Important?

The reason voice search is a big deal regarding SEO is that people are asking more questions, rather than searching traditional keywords. A person is more likely to ask “where can I find insurance” than type “insurance.” These more straightforward inquiries mean that businesses who adjust their keywords are going to be seen in the search more often.

Being the Top Result is Crucial

Much like before, users are likely only going to see or hear the first few results that are presented to them. Focusing on these question-based keywords can help users propel their search engine visibility – especially if they can directly answer the question in a few sentences.

Easy SEO Tips for 2018

At Affordable American Insurance, we want our independent agents to be able to get the most out of their content. Contact us to learn more simple SEO tips.

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