Is Your Business Solving a Problem?

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If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem!

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Helping to solve a problem is a great way to ensure long-lasting success as an entrepreneur in Colorado.

This well know adage should also apply to your business. If you want a real chance of success, you need a product or service that solves a real problem that your customers face. Today’s entrepreneurs realize that creating a “must have” product will have a much better chance of success than the “nice to haves”.

Novelty items are a dime a dozen. Today’s entrepreneurs are much more concerned with giving their customers solutions to problems, rather than creating luxury items that no one needs. When you are thinking about starting your own business, ask yourself one question “does my product solve a problem?”

Test your ideas with your potential customers

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Focus on solving real problems and your business will have a greater chance of success.

Passion is your biggest friend. Your business should be your passion. The best products are created from real life experiences, personal experiences. If you have a passion for your business, you’ll be much better at selling your product because you can speak to your customers from personal experience. Solving a real problem will also make your product easier to sell because your customers will be able to identify with it at an emotional level. If the problem is real, you won’t have to convince people of the necessity of your product, it will be obvious.

Of course, having the idea is one thing, if not, you have to do your research to find out how to deliver your product or service to market. Testing your idea is important, if for no other reason than to know if the problem you are trying to solve is also a problem for someone else. What you perceive as a problem, may turn out not to be a problem for everyone else.

When you have a genuine passion for something, it will help you stay focused and motivated to see your idea reach the market and succeed.

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