Is Being an Insurance Agent Right for You?

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Finding the perfect career is never easy. In fact, many people start their own businesses because finding and keeping a job is difficult. Becoming an independent agent can be a wonderful way to have a steady career, yet maintain some flexibility.

Becoming an AAI agent is about more than just having a job. If you are on the fence about becoming an agent, explore some of these reasons why insurance could be a great career option for you.

Help People

Insurance sales are all about helping people find the policies they need to protect themselves. There are several different home, automotive, life, and health insurance plans to choose from. Offering to help individuals sort through their choices can be a big help!

Your knowledge of insurance policies and procedures will be used to guide individuals as they make crucial decisions that impact their everyday life. You’ll be able to help your neighbor choose an automobile that is cheap to insure or get assistance with paying for an expensive medical bill.

Becoming an independent insurance agent in Colorado

Meet Several New People

The most successful insurance agents are going to have a way with people. They are adept at networking and advertising, making it easy for them to get new clients. The best independent insurance agents will get most of their new clients through word of mouth advertising. As they help people in the community, the more well-known they become!

The Sky is the Limit

Independent agents need to be hungry for success. They are tired of working for minimum wage or a set salary. Instead of your pay being determined by someone else, you are in control when you are an independent agent. What you make is proportionate to your annual sales.


Running a Business is Challenging

Working for someone else usually means keeping a strict schedule and letting someone else make the important decisions. Independent agents are business owners, so they get to face all of the unique and exciting challenges of ownership. This structure effectively makes them their own boss!

How to Get Started with a Career in Insurance

Affordable American Insurance prides itself on helping new agents gain the careers they deserve. Contact us directly to learn what it takes to become an independent AAI agent.

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