Investing in Employee Happiness is Good for Business

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Employee Happiness is an Investment That Pays Off

Sadly, the ranking for employee satisfaction within the overall insurance industry —and the finance industry, also— is not the best. A lot of it has to do with lack of recognition and their perception of relationships with their co-workers and direct supervisors. The good thing is you can make a difference.

With everything going on at your independent insurance agency, monitoring the level of happiness of your employees is probably not an idea that’s always on your mind. However, once you grasp the importance of it and the benefits it can bring, you’ll probably make it an essential part of your process. Here are three strategies that can help you turn this around.

Employee Happiness is an Investment That Pays OffFoster a Positive Work Environment

It’s not just about making sure people get along. Your employees are the ones that keep things moving and need motivation. Promote a workplace culture where people feel compelled and free to give positive remarks to others about their work. Of course, you have to lead by example. If you feel your team is doing something great, no matter how big or small, show them your appreciation and reward them in a timely manner. It doesn’t have to happen only once a year.

Grow Your People

Be interested in what your employees want out of their career at your agency. Have a conversation about it and work with them to design a plan that helps them achieve those goals. If someone is interested in furthering their education, don’t hold them back. Instead, define a schedule that works for both parties, so they continue to contribute to your business as expected, without having to sacrifice their education.

Show Your Employees You Care

Putting employee happiness at the top of your priority list will not only demonstrate to your employees that you care about them but also, will make your business more attractive to those looking for a job within the industry. This will make the recruitment process a lot simpler, allowing you to hire and retain capable staff.


Happy employees give you a good reputation, not only as an employer, but also as an agency people will like to do business with. Join AAI today and take charge of your very own independent insurance agency.

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