Insuring Famous Body Parts

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We typically think of insurance as being for our cars, homes, boats, and lives when we hear the term brought up. Most people will think of the tangible, as well as the quality of life when they are considering how coverage works.

While the majority of insurance coverage is provided to people who want to protect their lives and families and possessions, others are a bit more erratic with what they choose to have insured. There is no better example of this trend than the example of celebrity body parts being insured for vast sums of money.

Here are some of the body parts which have been insured for huge amounts of money:

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu has his famous 3-foot long hair insured for a huge sum of money. Since this look is iconic to this star, providers felt it was necessary to protect that imagery.
  2. Bruce Springsteen has his voice inspired for a colossal sum.
  3. Dolly Parton has her breasts insured for $600,000 dollars.
  4. Perhaps most impressively of all, Mariah Carey has her legs insured for a staggering billion dollar sum- no word on whether the amount changes by the tan limit.

While we all can’t aspire to have a billion dollar pair of legs or taste buds or hair, we can ensure what is important in our own spheres. In all seriousness, make sure that everything important in your life is covered by good insurance, in order to provide peace of mind for the future. You will be glad that you did!

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