Insurance Tips for Rookie Agents

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Starting from scratch is going feel overwhelming. Sure, you’re excited about a new opportunity, but there’s going to be an adjustment process, and a ton of stuff you’re going to have to learn. Being an independent insurance agent means that, ultimately, the success or failure of the venture is going to begin and end with you. But, going it alone doesn’t mean that you have to do everything by yourself. Indeed, it’s impossible in this business to do it all on your own, and no matter how seasoned you are, there’s plenty more to learn.

Remember That You’re a Salesperson

If you’ve ever worked retail or hospitality, then you’ve got a leg up on anyone who didn’t. Being an insurance agent is about the art of the sale, and sales are a people-centered business. You’re going to need to be able to quickly read people and listen to their needs. In a highly competitive business like insurance, customer service is what’s going to set you apart from the crowd. You want to leave people feeling good about the interaction. You want to be able to find them a plan that fits their personal needs. If it seems like you’re pushing them in one direction or the other, that resistance should tell you something. As we’ve mentioned before, the best form of advertising is word of mouth.

How to succeed as an independent agent in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona

One more thing to bear in mind is that you’re going to want to learn from those that have been doing this for years. You’ll find that successful sales agents know their customers on a personal level. They get them talking about their families, their jobs, their recreational activities, and they listen to what they’re saying. Sales is as much about observation as it is about persuasion. So picking the brains of successful insurance agents and getting them talking about what’s worked for them is going to be a key to your development along the way.

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