Insurance Sales Tactics

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Use personal experience to sell insurance

If you can’t sell insurance to yourself and your family, how do you expect to sell insurance to anyone else? You should be your own best client and the best example to use when trying to sell insurance to clients.

Gaining credibility as an independent insurance agent

Boost your credibility by using yourself as an example for the types of insurance every person, family, and business should have.

Selling insurance is a personal business. You are selling a safety net for people and businesses to protect their dreams, their property, and their lives. When helping customers find the best insurance policy, using yourself as an example is the ultimate test of credibility for your product and your business. If you can show that you have a personal connection to the product you are selling, you will be much more convincing to potential clients.

Choosing from multiple insurance carriers

Being an independent agent gives you access to multiple insurance carriers, allowing you to help your clients choose the best product for their lifestyle, business, or family. You need to get to know your clients intimately. Being able to use your own personal experience with various insurance policies or carriers can help you seem more credible in your advice.

Convince skeptical clients with personal stories

Insurance sales tactics

Use personal experiences to help gain your clients’ trust and sell more insurance.

If a client is on the fence about the type of insurance, the best sales tactic is to be able to use a personal anecdote to bring home your point. Tell them about the life insurance policy that you recommended and sold to your parents. Tell them about the type of auto, home, and business insurance you sold to your family members, including the type of insurance you have for yourself. The best way to convince clients that flood, wildfire, and hail insurance is essential if you live in the Southwestern US is to tell them why you wouldn’t take the risk of going without.

Personal customer service will help you sell insurance

If your clients feel like you are looking out for their personal needs, that you listen to their concerns and provide valuable information, then you are more likely to sell them your product.

Make your clients feel like family by opening up about your family and the type of coverage you recommend.

Succeeding as an independent insurance agent

When you start your agency with Affordable American Insurance (AAI), you get instant access to multiple insurance carriers so that you can provide the best service for yourself, your family, and your clients.

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