The Insurance Industry Has Unlimited Opportunities for Millennials

 In Becoming an independent insurance agent

If you’re looking for a career in an industry that is sustainable, that gives you independence and an opportunity to shape the future, the insurance industry may just be the industry you’ve been looking for!

Independent agents are entrepreneurs

Millennials can help shape the future of the insurance industry.

The old insurance industry needs to learn new tricks

The insurance industry is always changing, and you can be a part of making those changes. Just like the real estate game is changing with peer-to-peer financing and sharing homes, the insurance industry is also changing with the times. The insurance industry is an old dog, but we are ready to learn new tricks. So, for the younger generations who are just heading into the workforce, this industry needs you and your fresh outlook.

Unlimited clients and potential

One thing this industry has going for it is that everyone needs insurance. The demand for insurance isn’t going away anytime soon. However, the type of insurance that we are buying and selling is going through a lot of changes, especially as we welcome new technology and new ways of doing business. As the world becomes more automated, like self-driving cars, the insurance industry needs to make changes. Not only is this your chance to be a part of solving the problem of providing insurance for new technology, but the biggest generation in need of insurance are the millennials, and no one knows the mind of a millennial like a millennial.

Independent agents are entrepreneurs

Starting an independent agency in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah

The insurance industry needs millennials to help our industry keep up with new technology.

The insurance industry isn’t static; we have to be flexible to keep up with the times and the trends. Being an independent agent gives you freedom to help shape the industry, as well as use your entrepreneurial skills to grow and develop what it means to be an independent agent. Insurance used to be about shaking hands and meeting face to face, but with the rise of the Internet and social media, being an insurance agent isn’t just about selling insurance – it’s about selling yourself. You’ll need to put your entrepreneurial skills to the test to make sure that you are present on all platforms and that you can use all the latest technology authentically and intelligently to grow your business. Yes, blogging, sharing, tweeting, and snapping is part of being a successful agent. Even if you never considered insurance, we bet you have a lot of the skills that you need to run a successful agency or find a job with an established independent insurance agency.

Finding success as an independent insurance agent in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah

Affordable American Insurance provides a turnkey business model for captive agents looking to go independent, along with giving independent agents a platform for increased carrier representation and revenue while removing carrier production requirements.

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Starting an independent agency in ColoradoStarting an independent insurance agency in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah