Finding an Insurance Career After Graduation in Colorado

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Your finals are done and you are graduating…you may have thought this day would never come.  It has…so what’s next on your agenda: finding a job, going to medical school, becoming an entrepreneur, etc.  Well, if you are looking for an insurance career, we would love to talk to you.

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Here are a few tips about finding a job after graduation

Social Media

Utilize LinkedIn the professional social network…don’t have a profile?  You should get one.  It is a great place to keep your business contacts and find job openings.


We live in a world where it is all about who you know.  Get out there and meet people.  They may have a business problem that you can solve.

Get Your Foot in the Door

Getting in the door is sometimes the hardest part of getting a job.  Don’t be afraid to start at the reception desk or in the mail room.  Once you are inside you will hear about other opportunities.


Learn the company’s mission statement before you visit the company.  You can usually find it on their website.

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Insurance Industry

Insurance is a great career for people that want to help others.  Being there for someone when they need you is one of the greatest feelings that you can have.

Affordable American Insurance

Affordable American Insurance is an insurance broker; we sell insurance from many companies.  It is kind of like going to a modern coffee shop verses having your basic cup of joe.  Both are good but one is usually better than the other.  Want to know what it is like?  Follow this link:

If you are searching for insurance, stop by one of our 44 office locations.  Click here to find the nearest agent.  We offer many brands to choose from all of which are great companies.  We partner with companies like Safeco, Travelers, Kemper, Progressive, The Hartford, and over 40 more.

Don’t be afraid to be the person you were meant to be.

More Companies. More Options. More Savings.

Affordable American Insurance

Joshua Smith

Affordable American Insurance

Director of Social Media


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