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Summer Time

There is no time like summer time.  It is warm, school is out, and there is always something cool going on like: the Denver Chalk Art Festival June 2-3rd, summer reading programs, the Chipmunk at Lakeside Amusement Park, and we can’t forget about Water World.   If you don’t make a plan, you will probably miss some summer events.

Summer Reading Programs

When I was younger, my mother would always sign me up for the summer reading programs at the Denver Library and the library at Front Range Community College.  At the time, I did not like it but it kept my reading skills up.   I was more interested in catching frogs and other creature instead of reading but I am glad that my mother signed me up for the summer reading program.  I learned a lot about detectives from my childhood friend Nate the Great.   If you have children sign them up for the summer reading program.  You can learn anything you want by reading even the world insurance if that is what you want to do.

What was your favorite children’s book? Leave us a comment we would love to hear from you.

Biking Safety

There is nothing like biking trip along the South Platte or along the Cherry Creek bike trails in Denver.  It is great exercise and fun but before you leave on your adventure make sure you have a small flat repair kit, bike pump, sunscreen, and a lot of water.   If you are a cyclist/biker you probably already know about watching out for cars.  Most of the time, they are not looking out for cyclists.  I know I might sound like your mom but wear a helmet.  It very well could save your life.

If you like to ride your bike fast, please stay within the speed limit.   Getting pulled over on your bicycle would be a story you may be able to laugh about later but not in the moment.


Who can forget about the local swimming pool? It was always fun and it doesn’t really get old.  Just a friendly reminder wear some sunscreen, you don’t want to have a burning shower the next day.  They are not pleasant.

Affordable American Insurance

What would be an Affordable American Insurance blog without talking a little bit about insurance, You might be able to insure your bicycle if it is worth a lot.  A bike lock is also good.   If you are looking to save money on things like insurance, contact us and we will see if we can add value to you insurance policy and in the process save you some money.

Remember that the cheapest policy is not always the best policy.  The cheapest policy may not have the right coverage or the company may not have a great claim service.  My car has been hit twice in the last year and working with a great claim service makes paying the extra couple bucks worth it.

I will see you at the Denver Chalk Festival.  Until next time.

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