The Right Insurance Agent

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Here is a list to help you pick a good insurance agent.

1.  Ask them how walk ins work at their office. You will want an agent that works with your schedule.
2.  Remember that an insurance agent works for you.  They are your  insurance advisors.  If your agent is not doing a good job. Switch your agent.
3.  If the agent helps you out and they have good rates then go with them.
4. Don’t rush into picking your agent unless you have to.

Picking the right agent is essential because you will be paying a lot of money over a long period of time and when need them they should help you out.

Insurance is a great product and everyone should have a good understanding of what they are purchasing.  Have your insurance agent explain the policy you have purchased.  It is best to know what you are getting yourself into.

Affordable American Insurance

If you are looking for an insurance agent we currently have agents in Provo and Cedar City.  They are both great agents and they will take care of you. They sell insurance from multiple companies some of the include: Travelers, Safeco, Progressive, The Hartford, and many more.

Joshua Smith
Affordable American Insurance
Director of Social Media

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