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Insurance, all types of insurance, has become a four letter word to most Americans – or, at least, mentioning insurance in a sentence is often followed by a bunch of four letter words. It is vital that we communicate to our clients and the public that as independent agents, we are on the side of the people, not the insurance companies. Yes, we work with insurance companies, but we are not bound by quotas and sales goals; we are bound by our clients and their best interests.

Use social media to reach clients

Use social media to provide accessible and easy to understand information about insurance.

Provide straightforward information about insurance options

As independent agents, we are not held captive by one insurance company, and we are not writing policies or insurance reform. We are here to service, provide information, and protect the people – our clients. We are the white hats that come to the rescue when everyone else is spinning a web of confusion, or threatening to blow up the system as we know it. Okay, we’re not trying to be dramatic, but when it comes to insurance, many times it is about life and death. It’s about having coverage in case the worst should happen to one of our clients, their family, and their business.

More than ever, you need to reach out to the public, make your voices heard, and impart your wisdom to confused and scared clients. The world is an unpredictable place. Everyone needs insurance to protect the things they value the most, and in desperate times and times of confusion, many people will be lead down the wrong path, using faulty information or a lack of information to buy insurance – insurance that may or may not be right for their situation.

Gain client trust

Help clients understand their options, helping them make informed decisions.

Help clients understand the fine print

Now is the time to let clients and potential clients know that they can come to you for honest, straightforward information on the best type of insurance for their situation. Assure clients that you will help them understand the fine print of every policy and that you won’t lead them down the wrong path because you are trying to fill your monthly quota. Assure clients that they are your priority, and you can help them compare and understand the benefits and differences between multiple policies, as well as understand the consequences of not having adequate insurance so that when they make their final decision, it is an informed decision.

Affordable American Insurance provides support, expertise, and guidance to independent agents in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. We work together to share best practices, tools, and technology that will help us better serve our clients and provide the best insurance policies for each, regardless of social or economic status.

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