Become an Independent Insurance Agency Owner in 3 Steps

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How to Go from Insurance Agent to Independent Insurance Agency Owner?

Times have changed. Running an independent insurance agency is more complicated now than it used to be. The market has changed and so have the ways businesses market themselves. When you decide to take a big step into business ownership, you better own that title.

When you open an independent insurance agency, you might automatically think of yourself as an independent insurance agent. That’s where you’re wrong. That big step comes with a different title: independent insurance agency owner. When this happens, a mentality adjustment is in order.

When transforming yourself from an agent to a business owner, there are three key things you should consider:

Be Willing to Shake Things Up

With time comes change and as a business owner, change means opportunities. Turning those opportunities down can backfire and affect your profitability and growth. As the owner and leader of your independent insurance agency, you have to take ownership of what happens in your business and be accountable. Instead of being disrupted by change, be willing to roll with the punches.

3 Steps to Go from Insurance Agent to Independent Insurance Agency Owner

Learn to Adapt to Current Market Needs

Embracing change requires you to start doing things differently. Businesses that adapt are businesses that are around much longer than those who refuse to. Although your goal might be the same —to sell insurance— your processes can change and should. The “good ol’ days” might have been good but that doesn’t change the fact that those days are gone, and the present is different, your market is different. Face change with new strategies that will help you continue to grow.

Act Like a Business Owner

Stop pointing fingers in other directions when things don’t work out the way you expected. Be accountable for your actions. Take risks, make decisions and act on them. You are the one steering the wheel.


Don’t stand in the way of your success. You too can make it happen. You can be more than just an independent insurance agent. You can be an independent insurance agency owner. Join AAI today!

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