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It’s hard to make it on your own as a small business, but just because you are independent doesn’t mean that you have to do everything by yourself. Small businesses and independent insurance agencies have a much better chance of survival and success if they band together and use each other to further their business. When we stop looking at each other as competition, we can help each other succeed as independent insurance agents and business owners.

Starting an agency in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona

At AAI, all of our agents are independent, but we work together as a team to lift each other up and help every agent succeed in the independent insurance industry.

Be independent, but think like a team

Affordable American Insurance was born under the concept that if independent agents think like a team and act like a team, we’re all going to win as a team! This doesn’t mean that we all operate under the same guidelines, that we all have the same style, or are fighting for the same clients. We are still independent business owners who do things our way, but we are a part of a larger network, a larger purpose: “How can we best serve our clients?”

You can’t be all things to all clients

Independent agents and small businesses thrive on referrals. Referrals from other agents, other small businesses, and vendors are invaluable to a startup, whatever the field. We’ve talked a lot about finding your niche in the industry and positioning yourself as an expert in a particular type of insurance to better help your clients. This means that you aren’t going to be as well versed in other types of insurance, and rightfully so; clients don’t expect you to be a never ending fountain of knowledge. What clients do expect of you is to be honest and to have their best interest at heart. Sometimes, referring a client to another AAI agent is a bigger symbol of trust to your client, because you must be thinking about them if you suggest they take their business elsewhere. It’s saying, “If I can’t help you, I’m not going to pretend I can and sell you the wrong insurance. I’m going to refer you to the right person to help you out.”

Starting an independent agency in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona

Affordable American Insurance helps independent agents succeed by thinking as a team, acting like a team, and winning as a team.

Reaching out to AAI agents for support

Of course, if you have a client in a situation that is a little difficult to find insurance for, your fellow AAI agents will be there to support you, guide you, share best practices, and to help you brainstorm the perfect insurance solution for your client.

Maximize your potential as an independent agent

Not only do we support each other in a tough industry, making sure no agent is left behind, but we also have fun. A little friendly competition amongst peers is a great way to encourage growth and push your agents a little harder to win trips and adventures. Of course, we all get together to laugh, play, and share sales techniques and practices over a friendly game of volleyball at company picnics.

We can help you maximize your potential as an independent insurance agent. We give you the training and the tools to help you transition from a captive agent to an agency owner. 

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