Yes, the Cops ARE after you!

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As it turns out certain cars get more attention, just like a fancy dress or a new suit gets you noticed.   While you may enjoy the attention from onlookers, you may not enjoy it from local law enforcement.  It is true; your car may be a magnet for those flashing lights.

Cool Car More Tickets

Which cars are most likely to be pulled over for a traffic violation?  It may not surprise you that SUV’s, sport cars, and luxury vehicles are at the top of the list for traffic violations.  What may surprise you is that drivers age 40-55 receive the most traffic citations.  Why isn’t it the teenagers you ask?  Well, it turns out it has as much to do with the car you drive as how you drive.  More mature drivers tend to drive the more powerful cars like the Mercedes, BMW’s, Hummer’s.

The fact is that while nicer cars are nice, they get pulled over more often.   Maybe that has something to do with the thought: “If you have the power, why not enjoy it?”

Less Tickets With A Minivan

Well, what do you do if you’re tired of fighting ‘the man’ and the increased insurance rates that go along with those tickets?  Go buy a family car!  Family cars tend to have the least violations and insurance companies try to take that into account in their pricing.  The reasons for this are twofold.  First, parents tend to be slower safer drivers when their kids are in the vehicle.  Second, those family vehicles tend to be safer for both the passengers as well as the other vehicles one may hit.

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