Increase Your Sales by Building Better Relationships

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What if we —the insurance industry— switched our focus from sales to people? Focusing on the quality of your relationships with your clients could be the key to growing your business.

How to Build Stronger Relationships That Lead to More Insurance Sales?

You may know a lot about products and policies, and that’s great, but that’s not really the secret to influencing people —a.k.a your clients. People knowledge is how you establish a strong bridge between your company and your clients. The mix of both things, product knowledge, and people knowledge is the best way to get through to your target audience, so you can connect, communicate, and influence them. That’s all part of providing your clients with a good experience.

Now, you might be asking yourself —but how do I develop these strong relationships? Here are 3 tips that can help you accomplish that.

Be Confident

Being confident is much more than just “acting cool”. It takes courage and hard work for that confidence to come out effortlessly, otherwise, it might seem like you’re trying too hard.

Confidence sounds like a broad term. You can be confident in many ways, but there are certain key areas where it really pays off.

  • Every independent insurance agent must be confident in their agency. This doesn’t mean being oblivious to your improvement areas. It means you should acknowledge that your offering is top-of-the-line and that you bring value to the market. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your agency and communicating that.
  • Believing in the insurance companies you represent is essential. When you trust your insurance carriers and the products you sell, it comes across and ignites your clients’ trust in you.
  • Being confident in yourself as a professional also breeds confidence. Take time to recognize your own value and don’t hesitate to invest in your own growth and development.
How to Build Stronger Relationships That Lead to More Insurance Sales

Preparing for client meetings gives you an edge that promotes trust.

Be Authentic

It’s not uncommon for insurance professionals to fall into the habit of acting like robots. Also, it’s about trying to portray an image of something that you’re not. Great insurance professionals understand that, in order to build strong, trusting relationships with their clients, they have to be genuine and their service must be tailored to the needs of each of their clients. There is no “one size fits all” method of selling insurance. Being authentic comes a long way.

Be Prepared

Ideally, the door of your insurance agency will be opened tons of times a day. Every time it opens, there will be an opportunity to engage a client. How can you do that if you’re unprepared? There is no shame is rehearsing for a meeting and preparing yourself for a variety of scenarios. It’s best that you experiment that with a colleague than when you’re face to face with a client, and realize that you have no idea how to answer their most important questions. You owe it to your clients and your agency to show up being the best version of yourself.


Confidence, authenticity, and preparation help build strong relationships. Want to be part of the winning team? Join AAI today and be the best independent insurance agent you can be.

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