How to Safely Hang Christmas Lights

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Christmas lightsThe holiday season is upon us, and now is the time to hang up your traditional Christmas lights.  Although this is a fun and exciting holiday tradition, hanging Christmas lights can also be dangerous.

Hanging your lights safely will ensure you have a festive and happy holiday season this year, so here are a few tips to keep you safe this Christmas season.

Ladder Safety

One of the most dangerous aspects of Christmas light set up is ladder use.  When you are on a ladder, you are at a heightened risk for a fall, and if you do fall off your ladder, the consequences could be severe.

To ensure you stay safe on your ladder this year, make sure to always:

  • Secure the Ladder. Before using your ladder, make sure it is securely placed on level ground.
  • Be Aware of Conductivity. Metal conducts electricity, so if your ladder is aluminum, be sure to be careful with electrical currents.
  • Wait for Good Light. If you put up your lights in the dark, the risks of a fall increase, so put up your lights during the day to keep the process as safe as possible.
  • Hang Your Lights Sober. The Christmas season is a time for celebration, but make sure to steer clear of alcohol before climbing up your ladder.

The Lights

Beyond the heights, your Christmas lights themselves can also be dangerous.  As you decorate for the holidays this year, remember to keep your lights in top form.

Never wrap the strands of lights around electrical sources.  These sources of electricity can heat up and damage your cords, leading to potential electrocution and injury.

You should also make sure that every bulb is in good working order.  This will ensure that your lights shine beautifully, and that there is no risk of injury around the Christmas tree.

Christmas lights can add a real festive air to the holiday season, so hang your lights safely this year so you can enjoy the season.  For more information on holiday safety, contact Affordable American Insurance today!

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