How to Run Successful Sales Team Meetings?

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5 Tips for Insurance Agents to Run Effective Meetings

Every successful independent insurance agency should take time to meet with their staff and discuss the game plan for the week. Good energy is contagious and it is exactly what your sales team needs to start a new week on the right note. However, sometimes sales meetings can be a bit of a snooze.

In order to help you make the best use of your meeting time, here are some tips that can turn your sales meeting —or any meeting for that matter— into an effective one.

Always Have an Agenda

Every meeting needs structure. Without it, you risk not being able to accomplish the purpose of the meeting. Nobody has time to waste, so outlining items you want to discuss is the best way to lead an effective meeting.

5 Tips for Insurance Agents to Run Effective MeetingsKick Things Off with Energy

Monotonous meetings can bring everyone down but upbeat, fun meetings have the complete opposite effect. If you want to give your team a shot of energy without the caffeine, make sure you jazz up your meetings with something fun, like an “energize” activity. Other things like your tone and demeanor will also have an impact on your team. Your meeting should make everyone else jealous they’re not in there with you.

Don’t Overcomplicate It

Sometimes, we’re wired to complicate things that should’ve been simple. Avoid crowding your agenda with tons of items and topics. Keeping it simple is key to an effective meeting. Once you’re ready to start discussing the topics on your list, focus on those and avoid embellishing with additional ideas that can confuse your team.

Go for “Short and Sweet”

A round-robin style meeting gives everyone a chance to speak but it can also lead to people taking more time than they need to discuss their inputs. If you like this format, try to limit everyone’s turn to a certain amount of time depending on how many people are involved and how much time you have.

Another way to approach your meeting is to use prompts to get people talking about specific things like a recent complicated experience they had with a client, a challenge they’re experiencing in the sales process, or their achievements over the past two weeks. This will help keep your meeting within an hour timeframe.

Motivate Your Team

Take a moment to thank your team for their hard work and recognize their effort over the past week. ‘Thank you’ always goes a long way.


As an independent insurance agent, time is gold. There’s no time to waste on unproductive meetings but neglecting the importance of getting together with your team, at least once a week, can cost you. Running effective meetings can help you keep things under control. Are you ready to be in charge? Become a business owner today. Join AAI.

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