How to Raise Social Media Engagement

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It can be difficult to get people excited about a business. Social media enables us to make a direct connection with our target audience, but that doesn’t always mean they are listening. The key to getting sales online is to focus on creating compelling content and keeping people’s attention. Use this guide to learn a few great tips that can help your insurance agency raise social media engagement.

Selling P&C Insurance to Millennials

Responsiveness Is Crucial to Engagement

As tempting as it is to schedule several advanced messages and ignore our accounts, that isn’t how social media works. Social media is designed to spark conversations. Rather than writing generic posts, try asking insurance-related questions. When someone responds to your post, keep the conversation going. This discussion helps foster connections and encourages people to come back.

Keep Content Fresh

Don’t post the same things over and over. It is important to be topical and discuss new issues as they arise. While you don’t always have to include a trending topic, you should find innovative ways to discuss insurance.

Post a Variety of Content

One of the worst things you can do on social media only post links. Many independent insurance agents want to build backlinks through social media, but making a long-term connection is far more important. Reduce the number of links you are posting to about one in three. For the other two posts, offer a mix of content such as related news stories, open-ended questions, photos, videos or infographics.

Prioritize Customer Service

It isn’t uncommon for customers to post questions or complaints on company pages. Always address these concerns and take the opportunity to perform excellent customer service. Keep the conversation going until the issue has been resolved.

Social Media Support for Insurance Agents

Not sure where to start when it comes to social media? Browse the Affordable American Insurance blog for great tips or contact us today to learn more.

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