How to Manage Customer Expectations During the Pandemic

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Ways to Manage Customer Expectations as We Navigate Through This Pandemic

Managing customer expectations in uncertain times like this are critical, and it’s one factor that businesses cannot afford to overlook.

As businesses are trying to get into the flow of things again, sometimes customer expectations might not match the reality. They are responsible for being open and honest about new policies, guidelines, and other practices that didn’t used to be standard, to ensure they provide the best customer experience possible.

Essential Qualities to Help You Succeed as an Insurance AgentBe Clear About Changes and Challenges in Your Service

These days, eliminating the element of surprise is a good idea. Customers want to be aware of what’s happening. Are you experiencing delays in some of your processes or supply chain? It’s ok, as long as you communicate it. Are you making any changes in the way you operate? Feel free to let your customers know. They will appreciate that much more than finding out at the last minute and being caught off guard.

Train Your Staff to Answer Questions

Customers always expect their questions answered, and catching your staff off guard can generate a feeling of uncertainty. Designate individual employees to assist your customers with the most common questions and help them understand any changes in best practices.

Define Reasonable Expectations

Even if your business hasn’t been interrupted, you can never be too sure you won’t experience some set back during this time. Analyze your situation and be realistic regarding the areas of your business that could potentially be affected by this pandemic. Your customers don’t want ideals. They much prefer reasonable expectations.

Allow Customers to Provide Feedback

As you adapt to the new normal, receiving feedback is critical. Let your customers know you value their opinion and make it easy for them to give you feedback. Have a designated email address where they can submit all their comments and questions.

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