How to Manage Appointments and Walk-Ins

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Ensuring each client receives individual attention is a key part of maintaining revenue. If a client feels ignored or like they aren’t a priority, they won’t want to keep giving the business their time or money. Because most independent insurance agents are reliant on referrals, they need to make every contact count. Here are a few useful tips to help you manage your regular appointments while providing prompt service to your walk-in clients.

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Set Walk-In Hours

Walk-in hours do not have to be the same as office hours. While you risk a walk-in whenever your office is open, posting clearer hours can help cut down on traffic significantly. People will be able to easily read the sign and return when they know you aren’t in an appointment. They will expect to wait in line, so as long as you offer them a warm greeting, you should be fine.

Keep a Tight Schedule

When making appointments, it is important to budget your time wisely. Write out a strict schedule and keep an agenda. Write down every appointment you make, allowing for an extra five to ten minutes before and after each appointment just in case.

Have Regular Appointment Times

Don’t schedule an appointment whenever your client is available. While this is a great practice from a customer satisfaction standpoint, it will quickly run you ragged. Try to stick to office hours and add a few optional evening time slots for advanced appointments. If your current customer base is more demanding, you should consider bringing additional staff on your team. The last thing you want to do is to turn away work.

Get Help Developing Your Business

Affordable American Insurance wants every independent insurance agent to succeed. Whether you are having trouble keeping an appointment schedule or want tips on how to develop your business, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more.

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