How to Make Your Business Shine on Google Local Guides

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Google has the most extensive control over every digital marketing campaign. One of the company’s recent expansions, Google Local Guides, is a program designed to boost online reviews and draw attention to local businesses. As independent insurance agents, local reviews can have a lot of influence on walk-in traffic. If you are worried about being buried by the competition, here are a few things you can do to stay ahead of the curve.

Google Local Guides Offers Incentives

One of the biggest appeals for Google Local Guides users is the added incentives for leaving business reviews. While users can still leave reviews on Google+ business pages, Local Guides encourages additional details. The more reviews a person writes, the more perks they get from Google. Many business owners are taking this idea a step further and offering discounts or freebies for those who leave honest reviews after their service.

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Numbers Have More Weight

In the past, businesses didn’t need to have hundreds of reviews to stand out. A few glowing 5-star reviews could go a long way in showing people what kind of company you are. With Google Local Guides, the number of reviews a company has is much more pertinent.

Under the new system, it may be better to have a 4-star business with hundreds of reviews. Some companies in competitive industries may need to receive a review a day in order to stay relevant.

Lasting Impact of Google Reviews

While Google Local Guides is a new program, reviews have a long-lasting impact on businesses. In this case, reviews left on Local Guides show up on Google Maps listings and Google+. These reviews’ placement is excellent news for those who receive regular glowing reviews from clients.

Get the Most Out of Reviews

Online reviews can have a powerful impact on local businesses. At Affordable American Insurance, we want you to receive consistent 5-star reviews. Contact us to learn how to encourage reviewers and boost your overall level of service.

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