How to Make Flying a Breeze

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This summer, as you prepare to jet away to some far-off and exciting place, don’t let a poorly-planned plane trip sap away all the fun.  Instead, follow these simple tips, and enjoy your flight!

Airplane taking offCheck-in in Advance

Most airlines offer you the option to check-in before you even arrive at the airport.  All you’ve got to do is hop online, click a few buttons, print out a pass, and stroll right on through the airport (through security of course) and onto your plane.

This is a great way to cut down on stressful line-waiting time and minimize the time you have to spend in the terminal.

Plan Ahead for Your Wardrobe and Carry-on

Paying attention to what you wear and pack can be a huge time and stress saver when you go through security.  Remember to:

  • Purge your pockets before you leave home
  • Don’t wear clothing/accessories with excessive amounts of metal
  • Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off
  • Double-check your carry-on luggage for banned items (check the most recent lists online)
  • If you pack small containers of liquid, put them in a clear plastic bag in the most easily accessible spot in your carry-on (because you’ll have to pull them out for security)

These simple measures will save you a lot of scrambling, digging, un-zipping, and dirty glares from the people in line behind you.

Prepare to Make Yourself Comfortable and Happy

Airlines do their best to make you comfortable and happy, but due to things like the economy and unfortunate passenger-to-flight-attendant ratios, you’ll have to make an effort to take care of yourself.  So make sure you:

  • Wear comfortable, layered clothing
  • Bring your own snacks
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Bring your own entertainment
  • Bring a neck pillow, eye-mask, and earplugs if you want to catch some zzz’s

Really, flying can be a breeze.  Just prepare these few things in advance, and your vacation will rock from beginning to end!

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