How to Make a Family Escape Plan

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Fire drills in public schools are hardly ever taken seriously, mostly because most students will participate in the staged “drills” and never actually be in any danger of a fire. However, at home there should be an escape plan in place, just as rehearsed during fire drills at school. Here are a few tips to creating your own escape plan.

Involve Your Children

Younger kids may not be able to understand the importance of having an escape plan, but they will internalize it if you involve them in the planning of it. Create a map of your home outlining clearly the exits of every room, and then ask them to find safest exits. Determine a meeting place outside of the home in case there is an emergency.

Practice Makes Perfect

Rehearse the fire drill with your kids, advising them not to rush dangerously, jump out of any windows, or open any doors that feel hot to the touch.

Better Safe than Sorry

Keep your house safe by installing the proper amount of smoke detectors on every floor, preferably in every room someone may sleep in. Teach your kids what the detector sounds like and how to react to it. Of course, there may not be an emergency every time it goes off – if it’s just smoke from a minor cooking accident or if that batteries just need to be replaced, make sure your kids are able to keep their calm. Avoid any unnecessary incidents by educating and preparing your children in case of an emergency today.

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