How to Help Your Business Cope with COVID-19

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Preparing Your Small Business for What COVID-19 May Bring

We’re all dreaming of the day that COVID-19 is no longer an everyday topic; the day when our lives —personal and professional— will go back to something like what we had before this pandemic. That day will come, but until it does, we must deal with our reality.

This pandemic has disrupted the course of business in different ways and levels. Business owners have had to learn how to deal with a variety of situations that they wouldn’t have imagined otherwise and must continue to be proactive in the face of this situation. Here are some ways to help you prepare your small business for what this pandemic may bring.

Designate a Coordinator

As a business owner, one of your most valuable skills is your ability to delegate. Times like this require quick action. If you feel like there is already a lot on your plate as it is, don’t be afraid to designate someone to help you coordinate the efforts needed to respond to COVID-19.

Strategies for Business Owners

Identify Essential Processes and Inputs

Every business has essential processes that ensure it can operate smoothly. Identify the critical operations of your independent insurance agency, as well as workarounds or solutions, in case those processes become disrupted somehow. That will help you manage risks and protect your business.

Define an Emergency Communications Plan

Good communication is a must in times of crisis. Make a list of critical contacts, including vendors, customers, and back-ups, and define transparent communication processes, both internal and external. Be sure to share your response plans with your employees and customers, and make room for feedback and questions, which can allow you to fine-tune your strategies.

Encourage Sick Employees to Stay Home

Anyone who is sick could put your entire operation at risk right now. Actively remind your staff it’s best to work from home if they’re not feeling 100% healthy.

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