How to Get the Most Out of Twitter’s Word Count

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Social media is an important part of business development. Unfortunately, some social networks are a little more limiting than others. While Twitter may be bumping its character count up to a 280 limit, this can still make it difficult to get your point across. Use this guide to learn how to write an effective tweet for your independent insurance agency.

Using Facebook to reach your core audience

How Many Characters Can I Use In a Tweet?

Tweets are typically 140 characters in length. This is enough space for about 25 words, or a few short sentences. Because of the space, every character used needs to have purpose. The limited space does allow for hashtags or links, but they need to be used conservatively in order to fit the small space.

Shorten the URL

Links are important, but they can take up valuable real estate space. If you can, shorten the URL as much as you can before including it. Even shortening it by a few characters can give you space for a few extra words!

Use Hashtags Naturally

On most social media platforms, it is common practice to place a slew of hashtags after your main message. For example: “I love Affordable American Insurance! #AAI #IndependentInsuranceAgent #GreatInsurance.” On Twitter, it makes more sense to use the hashtags in the body of your message, such as “I love the #GreatInsurance coverage at Affordable American Insurance #AAI.”

Try Short Sentences

Shortening your sentences on Twitter can be difficult. While it can be hard to remove your carefully-crafted adjectives and adverbs, these are the first thing to eliminate when trying to fit content into such a small space.

Another method is to tweet one complete sentence at a time; however, this method makes it easy to take things out of context. The more information you can fit onto a single tweet, the better.

Social Media for Independent Insurance Agents

At Affordable American Insurance, we work hard to bring you the latest social media and digital marketing tips for growing independent insurance agencies. Contact us to learn more great ways to connect with your target audience.

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