How to Find Your Dream Car If You’re Not a Car Enthusiast

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BMWIf you love cars, then you probably know the exact make and model of your dream car. Maybe it’s a 65’ Mustang, or the car that 007 drives in the latest James Bond movie.

But what if you’re not exactly a car enthusiast? Sure, having one of those classic muscle cars would be pretty cool, but you’re just not that motivated to spend the cash necessary to put one in your driveway.

For those of us who aren’t big car enthusiasts, here are a few tips to finding that dream car.

Find a car that will last a long time

If you’re not too concerned about how cool your car looks on the outside, maybe you should consider those little numbers on the dash that show how many miles it’s driven. Research the cars that have been proven to last the longest, and seek them out.

Find a car that is comfortable to drive

The smoothest ride out there might not be a Lamborghini. The smoothest ride is the one that feels the best to you, personally.

Find a car that isn’t a cop magnet

One of the cons of driving a cool muscle car is that you’re more likely to get pulled over, and your car will also become a target for thieves. For many Americans, a real dream car is one that is basically invisible to cops and robbers.

Find a car that’s a great value

Some people like to brag about their car’s cool features; others like to brag about how they got theirs for a great price.

Your dream car doesn’t have to be a specific make or model—it’s all about deciding what’s important to you, personally. Maybe it’s your grandpa’s old Chevy, or maybe it’s a car that gets you reliably from point A to point B.

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