How Do You Choose the Best Keywords?

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If you have been reading a lot of tips for entrepreneurs, you’ve probably heard about the importance of keywords at least once. These keywords affect your search engine visibility, and therefore, your lead generation and sales. While keywords play an important role in SEO, choosing the perfect keywords for your business may be easier than you think.

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Write out potential keywords that make sense before you start doing elaborate research.

Starting Your Keyword Research the Right Way

One of the biggest mistakes new independent insurance agents make is relying solely on little-known long tail keywords for their success. While you may be able to quickly rank for something concrete like “cost-effective insurance claims agents policy in Anytown USA,” you need to think about relevancy. Rather than starting with research, start with what makes sense for your website.

Brainstorm Simple Keywords

While you do need a few long tail keywords for your website, it is better to start small and general. A good long tail keyword will build on this simple phrase naturally. For example, “independent insurance agents” can easily become “independent insurance agents at Affordable American Insurance.” The phrase is highly-specific, yet can fit naturally into your content.

Try writing down very basic information about your business, such as name, your location, and what you sell. Then, branch off those terms into slightly more specific keywords that will still fit naturally within your content. You probably won’t discuss a “claims agents policy,” but you might discuss insurance claims, how insurance policies work, or insurance agents.

Research is Still Important

Keeping it simple will only get you so far. You should still validate your keywords by doing some research. Most specialized websites will only use a few keywords, so it is good to see if ranking your selections is plausible or not. You may even uncover new keyword ideas that make perfect sense for your website to use!

Learn More About Keywords

Search engine optimization is an integral part of any business. Learn more about how SEO and keywords affect your Affordable American Insurance agency by contacting us today.

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