How Can Independent Insurance Agents Attract New Customers Online?

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In 2018, it’s entirely normal for customers to look for insurance on the internet. The days of customers phoning individual insurance providers and getting a quote are practically done. Online price comparison websites will now be responsible for the majority of people’s choice of new insurance.

Within a few clicks – and a couple of personal details entered by the customer – these websites will spew out hundreds of insurance deals, allowing customers to pick the cheapest deal. To connect with this demographic, an insurance agent needs only to agree to be featured on these websites and offer competitive deals for a large subset of customers.

However, there is still a proportion of customers who are looking for the most reliable, trustworthy, easy-to-deal-with agent advisor, instead of the cheapest insurance. Independent agents can present themselves as the most reliable, knowledgeable option online via content marketing.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the go-to method of building a brand online. Rather than purchasing text or banner ads that tell an audience that you are the best option, content marketing allows you to show them via a stream of useful, interesting blog posts, videos, and interactive tools.

By presenting your audience with content that they’re interested in, you can gain their attention for an extended period. This is much harder with traditional advertising, which many consumers tend to tune out automatically.

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Advantages of content marketing

A great piece of content marketing will answer the questions that your target audience is asking, such as ‘how can I find cheap car insurance?’ then subtly mention the advantages of using your company. 

Doing so in an interesting, engaging way presents your insurance company as the industry thought leader, with the expertise that puts you ahead of other rivals in customer’s mind. Customers who see their insurance agent as having this kind of superiority are typically the ones who renew their policy year-after-year, rather than shop around for the cheapest insurance every year. 

Content marketing is also a lot cheaper than pay-per-click advertising, especially in the insurance industry, in which the cost of clicks is traditionally exceptionally high.

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