How Business Owners Can Maximize Their Vacations

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Minimizing Work Time While on Vacation

Business owners deal with a great deal of pressure every day. Being the head of a business, managing employees and finances, etc., can make going on vacation a tough task; and if you do make time for a holiday, unplugging can seem impossible.

Thoroughly checking out on vacation is not something everyone can do. A study found that only 14 percent of small business owners can do that. Even when there’s so much going on, it is essential for small business owners to take time away —truly away— from work, to recharge batteries and come back with a fresh mind to keep their business going.

Do you find yourself struggling with this as an independent insurance agency owner? Here are some tips to help you unplug and make the most out of your well-deserved vacation.

Make a Plan and Set Expectations

If you manage employees, it is crucial that you plan ahead and define clear expectations before you head out. Take some time to check in with your team and see if everything’s in order. Confirm that they have everything you need them to have and everything they need to know. If possible, assign someone to be your backup for specific tasks that might require some attention while you’re out.

Minimizing Work Time While on VacationSchedule Time to Be Online

Forgetting all about your phone and other electronic devices when you’re on vacation is necessary to allow your brain to reset and unwind. It might seem a little impractical at first, especially if you have kids back home, but the best approach is to schedule online time. Plan out the time of day in which you’ll be online or available to check your phone or answer calls if needed. It can be an hour in the mornings or the afternoon. Scheduling helps you make sure you don’t end up consumed by phone calls or emails.

Allow Yourself Some Flexibility

If completely breaking away from your official duties is not possible, book a slot in your calendar to do essential work things that you can’t pass up on. Following the 80:20 rule is a good solution for many business owners, where 80 percent of the time is leisure, and the other 20 percent is for work.


Once you start your own business, it can be hard to take time for yourself, but it is essential that you do. Resting and separating yourself from work for a few days helps you refocus and take care of your mental health and overall wellness.

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