Hit the Ground Running in 2017

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How to thrive as an independent insurance agent in the new year

You’ve taken stock of 2016, you’ve closed the book, and have gathered your team to brainstorm about the future. Now that the new year is here, how are you going to implement all your great ideas and hit the ground running? Affordable American Insurance (AAI) is here to help, guide, and educate independent agency owners on how to make 2017 the best business year ever!

Succeeding as an independent agent

We continue to educate our members, giving them access to the latest tools, technology, and expert advice by insurance industry leaders.

Continue to educate yourself and your team

At AAI, our main focus is helping independent agents thrive. To stay competitive, as well as make sound business decisions, independent agency owners need to continue to educate themselves to stay ahead. We offer education and business development seminars to all our members. We’re continually expanding our executive team to give our members the expertise from our industry’s top leaders and innovators.

We stay up to date with the latest trends; whether it’s marketing and promotion or the latest technological advances to make your business more efficient, we make sure that all of our members have access to the latest tools to further their business.

Learn to promote and market yourself

We’ve talked a lot about marketing yourself to millennials, making you and your agency a solid, professional, trustworthy, and informative adversary to the online generation, but you still need to be able to promote and sell yourself to any potential new client that comes your way.

How to sell insurance

Every gathering is filled with potential new clients. Practice your elevator pitch to grow your business in 2017.

You need to work on your casual sales pitch. Any time you’re at a function, either professional or personal, you are surrounded by potential clients. Work on a small pitch that doesn’t give just enough information about what you do and opens the door to a future meeting about insurance. When standing at a cocktail party or school function for your kids and someone asks “so, what do you do?” you need to have an answer that will make the person interested, not bore them to death with a spiel about insurance sales. Insurance can sometimes seem like a stuffy topic, even though it is something that everyone is thinking about, so if you can make it a little lighthearted at first before you get to the nitty gritty details, you are more likely to hook a new client.

Education and guidance for independent agents

Affordable American Insurance provides a turnkey business model for independent insurance agents in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, and continual education and guidance to ensure success.

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